Create a Countdown

Login to the dashboard and click on create Countdowns->Create.

If you're on a paid plan you can chose between fixed date and dynamic date countdowns.

Fixed Date

When a countdown has a fixed date, you are required to choose an ending date and time. The countdown will count to the same ending date in every email.

Dynamic Date

With dynamic date, you choose a duration instead. The countdown will count to a date automatically calculated based on the sending date and time.

This solution is perfect for all cases where you need to send a different countdown for each email or group of emails (e.g. drip campaigns).


Once you select the kind of countdown you need, you can start designing your awesome countdown.


You can give a name to each countdown for your future reference.

Naming a countdown


Choose a template to change the countdown style of elements.

Choose template


If you chosen a fixed date countdown, you'll set an expiration date and time.

Set expiration

If you chosen a dynamic date instead, you'll set a timespan in minutes, hours or days.

Set duration


Select the language you want to display under countdown elements.

Set duration


You can hide the countdown label.

Set duration


If your countdown expires in less than a day you might want to hide the days counter.

Set duration



Set a different size for elements (in pixel).

Set duration

Timer Color

This color will be applied to numbers.

Set duration

Labels Color

This color will be applied to labels (days, hours, minutes, seconds).

Set duration

Primary Color

If the template you chosen has shapes, primary color will change thos shapes' color.

Set duration


Emailurgency provides different font styles that will be applied both to numbers and labels.

Set duration


Width and Height

Changes the size of the entire image.

Set duration

Background Color

This is the plain overall background color.

Set duration

Background Image

You can upload an image to be used as background. We accept jpeg files up to 1mb in size.

Set duration


The preview area shows you the result in real time. You can drag the timer to change its position in relation to the image.

Set duration