Plans and Billing

How billing is calculated

Emailurgency is a SaaS (software as a service) offering 3 monthly plans. Every subscription plan has a fixed part that covers access to features, number of concurrent countdowns and a certain amount of monthly views included. You pay a variable part of the bill based on the exceding quantity of monthly views as expalined below.

Views count

Views are counted everytime an user actually see your countdown. We do not count views performed within your personal dashboard (so feel free to work on and preview them as much as you want 😄).

Free Buttons

Since we generate animated buttons for download, you will embed them directly on your emails so they won't increase your views. Yey!


All Inclusive

An simple, unique price that unlocks all the features such as dynamic date countdowns, views analytics, animated buttons with 100000 monthly countdowns views included and a price for exceeding view of € 0,005.


You can create an account for free now and use without limits. Once you're ready to use your creativities, you can activate anytime from the dashboard.

Upgrade applies immediately and you're required to add a valid credit card.